About us

Hot water bottle ideas offer a wide range of hot water bottles with covers and microwave heat packs. Our range includes bottles with luxury faux fur and knitted covers and a range of hot water bottles with plush animal covers for children. We also supply microwavable wheat packs, neck and back warmers, and  wraps for any part of the body that needs warming and soothing. Hot Water Bottles have been used as a source for keeping warm for many years and are still very popular today. We now have a wide choice of style and size of hot water bottles to choose from and you can be sure to find a hot water bottle to suit ladies, men and children alike. With a great choice of funky and functional covers we believe that a hot water bottle is a welcome gift for anyone during the cold winter months.

Hot water bottles are widely used for aches and pains  and prove to be an invaluable and economic aid.

Our Mission: To keep you and your little ones warm and cosy and provide you with natural pain relief.

We hope you enjoy viewing our range of hot water bottles and choice of covers and remember standard delivery in the UK is Free.