Hot Water Bottles and Microwave Heat Packs

Hot Water Bottle Ideas provides a selective range of hot water bottles and microwave heat packs. All our hot water bottles comply with the latest Strict British Standards compliance for maximum safety. One of the brands that we supply is Fashy, known to be the best hot water bottle in the world. Made in Germany they are manufactured from thermoplastic are heat resistant and can be steam sterilised. Nearly all our hot water bottles are supplied with a wide range of covers, including, faux fur, plush fleece, knitted and cuddly animal warmers for children. Designs, fabrics and materials change every season and we are constantly updating our range. The most popular size is the original 2 litre design, more recently with the introduction of the cuddly animal warmers, these always include a smaller hot water bottle between 0.5 and 0.8 litres that are more suitable for children and taking away on a trip or whilst camping.  Over recent years the Microwave Heat Pack has become very popular with preference to heating in a microwave for less than 2 minutes. Variation in design depends on use, and commonly used for natural pain relief, we have a range of back warmers, neck and shoulders warmers and body wraps to warm other parts of the body. We also have a wide range of microwave animal warmers for children often infused with lavender for a relaxing night’s sleep. On very cold winter days and for spectating at winter sporting events mini handwarmers are very useful for keeping in your pockets and can be activated when required. So, for keeping your cold feet warm, aiding aches and pains, to a bedtime cuddle for little ones, we have a little something for everyone that makes a welcome gift at any time of year especially Christmas.