Hot Water Bottle Or Microwave Heat Pack

Hot water bottles have been used as a source of warmth and wellbeing for many many years. More recently we have seen the arrival of the microwavable heat pack. There are many differences between the two and these should be considered carefully before making your choice.

Hot Water Bottles are more generally made from Rubber which when first purchased can have an odour that some may dislike although this passes with use. Thermoplastic PVC although slightly more expensive are odourless and are now becoming more readily available.

The most commonly asked question is How long does a hot water bottle stay warm? A hot water bottle is generally filled with hot (not boiling) water and when used in conjunction with a good hot water bottle cover can remain warm all night . Uncovered it will stay warm for approx 1-2 hours, however, we would ALWAYS recommend only using a hot water bottle with a suitable cover. A hot water bottle can also be filled with cold water and placed in the fridge or freezer and will help keep you cool during the summer months. Your hot water bottle should always be checked for wear and tear before each. 



Hot water bottles were originally available in 1 standard size which was the 2 litre version.

hot water bottle with faux velvet cover

Although this remains the most popular, you can now purchase hot water bottles in smaller sizes : 500 ml, 750 ml and 1.5 litre . The smaller versions tend to be useful for taking away on trips and are compact for packing into a suitcase.

The smaller sizes are always used when inside an animal toy cover aimed for young children. 


Long hot water bottles are the most recent addition to the hot water bottle family. Extra Long Hot Water Bottles will soothe and warm more parts of your body at the same time. With an average length between 72 and 80cm what is there not to love.




Microwave heat packs 

Generally known as wheat bags as they tend to be filled with wheat, more recently we have seen the addition of other fillings such as rapeseed and moor gel. . Wheat bags are generally used as a natural remedy to soothe aches and pains, due to their various shapes and flexibility to fold around joints. Applying heat will not only  speed up your recovery it will also provide you natural pain relieve. How does a heat pack work? Placing a heat pack on any sore muscles or aching joints will stimulate your heat receptors which block the chemical messenger to the brain that detects any pain. Not only does heat provide warming comfort it also stops the pain. 

Most heat packs tend to be fragranced with lavender  which provides relaxing aromas that aid sleep and relaxation. The animal versions of these packs are very popular as a bedtime cuddle for young children. 

So how long does a wheat bag stay warm for? A microwave wheat bag is heated only in the microwave and will stay warm for 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on conditions.  However, those filled with moor gel can stay warm for up to 4 hours due to their heat retaining properties. 

A microwave pack can also be placed in the freezer for a couple of hours and then be used as an aid to ease sprains and injuries etc.

A new alternative filling to wheat is silicone or cherry pips as this is odourless and not fragranced which may be an option if you have a wheat allergy or lavender is not your thing.


Microwave heat packs also known as wheat bags and hotties come in a wide range of colours designs and styles. Known for their flexibility they are easily wrapped around limbs and other parts of the body, From a standard pack, they vary from body wraps, neck, shoulder and back warmers.

Microwave wheat bag toys are also available in a vast range of various cuddly animal covers.

microwave sloth twin teddy


Safety Tested

All of our Hot Water Bottles comply fully to the British Safety Standard BS1970:2012

All of our Microwave Heat Packs including children's toys  conform to British Safety Standard BS 8433:2004 
Some of our microwave teddies also conform to: European Toy Safety Standard EN71-1/2/3 American Toy Safety Standard ASTM-f963 
NB Toys.

All of our microwave items have the instructions for heating on the tag stitched to the product for future use. 


Both should be used with caution and ALWAYS follow the manufactures instructions on heating. Whichever you choose  either will give you  an aid for  natural pain relief and are great to snuggle up to on a cold winters night.

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