Hot Water Bottle with Soft Plush Sherpa Fleece Cover

Country Club


2 Litre Hot Water Bottle in a cosy plush sherpa fleece cover with 6 different designs with contrasting colours.

Each cover has a thick fleece back and and a soft plush sherpa  front. 

Choose from:

Unicorn Soft Plush and Pink Sherpa Fleece Back

Gin is my Tonic Soft Plush and Grey Sherpa Fleece Back

Pyjama Llama Soft Plush and Cream  Sherpa Fleece Back

PJ's and Proseco Soft Plush and Pink Sherpa Fleece Back

Bear Hugs Soft Plush and Grey Sherpa Fleece Back

Sheep Ewe & Me Soft Plush and Oatmeal Sherpa Fleece Back

Dream Big Soft Plush and Red Sherpa Fleece Back

Love Sheep Soft Plush Sherpa and Grey Fleece Back


Hot Water Bottle is made of Natural  Rubber with a Screw Cap Top

Never Use Boiling Hot Water

Do not fill the bottle to more than  2/3rds capacity

Rubber Conforms to BS Standards 1970:2012

Cover is made form 100% Acrylic and is machine washable

Dimensions approx 34 x 21 cm