Mini Reusable Gel Pocket Hand Warmer with Bright Knitted Cover

Country Club


These little pocket hand warmers, Mini gel heat packs are perfect for when the weather is cold and giving you hot hands.

Just press the metal button until it clicks to activate the gel and hold for warmth, the effect is instant!  Will stay warm for  30-60 minutes . If placed in an insulated space such as a pocket or glove the heat can last for several hours.

To reset: Once the gel has cooled and hardened, remove the knitted cover and boil the gel pack in a pan of water for 5 - 10 minutes until the gel returns to a liquid. Leave to cool before removing from the pan.

The hand warmer is then ready for the next time it is needed. Fits neatly inside its own mini knitted jumper giving it a mini hot water bottle design.

Choose from a choice of different designs and  colours.

Great for spectating at outdoor winter events.

  • Re-usable Hand Warmer
  • Dimensions 12 x 7